NA Facilitator - Sascha M.

Sascha attended her first Nude Yoga experience in 2017. This was a turning point in her life. For years she had struggled with body image issues. She felt disconnected from her beauty, her body, her womb and her purpose.

She quickly discovered the deep healing one can receive through attending a workshop that acknowledges and embraces all parts of what it is to be a Goddess, to live a life of authenticity and expression.

Sascha oozes sensuality and femininity into her workshops. She creates a safe, nourishing, heart opening, warm and encouraging space for you to fully step into your vulnerability, strength and acceptance of Self.

Through her extensive background in Vinyasa, Yin and Tantra yoga, you can expect to feel juicy, radiant and alive in your body.

Sascha teaches workshops in Perth, Western Australia.

Follow her on Instagram - @saschamartineau

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