NA Facilitator - Daria R.

15+ years of failures, successes, questioning the PHD, language and country change, thousands of hours of deep trainings equals the time that it took Daria to own her power as a heart centred guide, coach and mentor.

Daria compares suffering to a disease that we all have at some point of life: "It is up to us for how long we want to glorify and hold on to our pain, trauma, limiting believes, myths. They do serve us well, but at what cost?"

Antidote is always in a poison and by facing her fears Daria is profoundly grateful to be in a place of inner harmony today. Now she facilitates a safe, nurturing, feminine environment where other women are being heard, seen, feel honoured and inspired in a circle of sisters.

Daria wants to see women empowered with the ability to create more depth, compassion, kindness and joy, accept themselves fully while following their unique destiny whole-heartedly.

Her invitation to you is to allow Daria to assist you on your life journey, let go of all that no longer serves and celebrate sexy, assured, radiant YOU!

You can follow her via Instagram here @your.naked.awakening

Daria teaches workshops in Sydney, New South Wales, and Russia.